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About us was created with a view to provide comprehensive support for sales on the Amazon platform and other sales websites. Our main goal is to help local sellers reach European markets while taking full advantage of the potential offered by the Amazon platform. With the help of our professionals, you have a chance to quickly conquer foreign markets and maximize your profits!

Our mission is first of all to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start in e-commerce industry. We will prepare your business to sell via the Internet. Although e-commerce is already quite popular and widespread, not many people know how to properly prepare an auction or run an effective marketing campaign. This is especially important if you decide to sell through Amazon, which has quite strict requirements regarding both the presentation of products and communication with the customer. Our company was created to guide you through all the intricacies of starting an e-commerce business.

Or maybe you’re already selling online but it’s not going your way? Then you are in the right place! Our company is also a comprehensive support for active sellers. We will diagnose the problem and direct your sales to the right track. Thanks to entrusting complex account service to our specialists, you will not fall into the trap of repeating mistakes. We’ll help you spread your wings in Europe’s leading markets and tailor your offer to the diverse needs of customers across Europe. This will allow you to strengthen your brand and give it a global feel.

Kompleksowa obsługa sprzedaży na Amazon i innych marketplace was created in partnership with Our company uses resources and services of more experienced colleagues. This ensures that the professionals who will take care of your account are professionals with years of experience in the e-commerce industry and selling on Amazon and other sales platforms. Our team consists of professionals with experience in various areas related to selling on e-commerce platforms. This ensures that every aspect of selling online is meticulously taken care of. We have a team consisting of specialists in sales, customer service, marketing, or IT who will be able to solve almost any difficulty.


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Our specialists have had the opportunity to polish their skills while servicing sales on various European markets. Thanks to this they are perfectly familiar with their specifics and behavioral patterns of customers from particular countries. Therefore, you can be sure that advertising campaigns and sales on European markets will be perfectly tailored to the specificities of a particular country. In addition, we take the knowledge of foreign languages off your hands! In our team there are people who speak the official languages of almost every European country. This way, it is possible to prepare a product description in the language of the marketplace without the need to hire a translator.


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    With our help, you can sell your products on Amazon in markets in countries such as Italy, Spain, England, France and Germany. Additionally, we have experience in selling on Amazon in the US . One product on Amazon can therefore reach many customers. Profit more on other platforms as well, thanks to good sales on Amazon.

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