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Successful sales on Amazon
Amazon advertisements (PPC)

Amazon is not only a sales platform, but also a powerful marketing tool. However, certain skills and experience are required to fully utilize the potential of Amazon Ads. If you want a fast and effective ad campaign, trust the professionals in this area and take advantage of their offer. You don’t even have to create an account and use Seller Central, which means you won’t actually need an Amazon account. This is an option especially for those who sell products seasonally or want to do some kind of market research.

sprzedaż i reklama na marketplace np. Amazon - upreseller.comThere are three types of ads available on the Amazon platform: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display Ads. Each advertising campaign has the same business goals: to promote the brand and increase product sales. Advertising is tailored to specific target groups. Building brand awareness also relies heavily on a well-tailored advertising strategy. Of course, nowadays everything should be optimized in such a way so that it works on mobile devices without any problems.

Amazon advertising

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Ads on Amazon are based on a PPC model, or pay per click. What does this mean? It means that you are only charged when a potential buyer clicks on your ad and is redirected to the seller’s website. Another name for this model is cost per click. This means that the user is only charged for the ads that he or she clicks on. This form of advertising also allows you to study the traffic on your website and verify the effectiveness of the advertisement itself.

Apart from the CPC model, there are also cost per action, cost per lead and cost per sale models.

Types of product advertising

The Amazon advertising service is aimed at all types of sellers operating on this platform. You can choose depending on your position on Amazon or the agreement you have made to maintain an account on Amazon.

Sponsored products

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In this case, advertising takes the form of traditional product listings on the homepage and on specific product pages. Nowadays, it is possible to use not only a keyword, but also including the whole product category. This is a good choice for the first campaign for manufacturers and resellers. The visibility of products is largely determined by the choice of keywords. This is why it is so important for sponsored products advertising.

Automatic campaigns is an option available in sponsored products ads. It allows you to promote groups of products. Its effectiveness may therefore be higher because a potential customer will see the whole series of products.

Sponsored brands

This is a type of prestige advertising targeted at brand owners with a trademark registered with Amazon. This registry is known as the Amazon Brand Registry. Sponsored brand ads are distinguished by a large headline and the presentation of up to three selected products of a given category. Potential customers seeing the eye-catching headline with the brand logo are more likely to click on any of the featured products.

Sponsored display adds

At this time, this option is only available on Amazon within the United States. Available to resellers and manufacturers affiliated with Amazon Brand Registry. This is a type of sponsored product advertising outside of the Amazon site as well.

How to increase the effectiveness of advertising on Amazon?

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To make good use of PPC advertising, it is necessary to position your product as high as possible in the search results. Therefore, you cannot forget about SEO, which is the foundation here. This is another reason why you should consider working with a professional company that will comprehensively manage your account on Amazon. Increased sales cannot be achieved without effective advertising. Targeting your ads to specific people is also important.

Don’t forget about ASINs, or unique numbers for different products, which are just as important as keywords. ASINs are based on limited search results that drive product sales. This in turn will more than pay back your advertising costs. Positive results from an advertising campaign on Amazon, is one of the main goals of those involved in running sales accounts on this platform.

Also, do not forget to care about the quality of the product you are offering. After all, advertising on Amazon is not a kind of antidote to poor quality. Sponsored ads must go hand in hand with the value of the product itself and impeccable customer service. Professionals will make sure that your products appear high in the search results.

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