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Amazon’s simple operation
Amazon listing

Everyone is probably familiar with the saying “fine feathers make fine birds”. On the Amazon platform and other sales sites it functions in a slightly different form – a potential customer pays attention primarily to the appearance of the offer: the title, the product image or the description of the characteristics. Therefore, one of the most important elements of the sales process is a properly prepared listing. What is a listing? What elements does it consist of? Does everyone have to prepare it when starting to sell on Amazon? Why is it worth outsourcing it to professionals? See for yourself!

What is a listing?

Before we get into who creates listings and what the different elements are, let’s cover what a product listing actually is. Sometimes you may come across a definition that says it is a description of the product you are selling. While this is not a wrong definition, it is not entirely accurate. A listing on Amazon is no more and no less than a product card. It contains a description, but also such elements as product images and price.

listing na amazon i innych marketplace

Why you need it.

Okay, but what do you really need a listing for? Preparing a good listing is crucial for two reasons:

Chance of finding the product

Even a great product won’t catch the eye of potential customers if they can’t find it. Listing allows people to find your product on Amazon as well as using Google search.

Wizytówka Twojego produktu

The listing is the first thing customers will notice. Most of the public are visualizers. At least when it comes to the issue of shopping. That is why it is important for you to present your products in the best possible way to the customer of the Amazon platform. A professionally prepared listing will provide you with satisfactory sales results.

Do I always have to create a new listing?

You will not always have the option to create a new listing. If your listing contains products that are already listed by other sellers on Amazon, you will not be able to add your own product title and description. On the other hand, if you are offering goods that have not been sold on the platform before, you will have to go through the entire listing creation process from scratch.

usuwanie negatywnych opinii na Amazon

What are the different elements of the listing?

As we have already mentioned, if products similar to yours are not yet in Amazon’s collection, you will need to create a new listing. It is important that you include several important elements in your listing. These include: the listing title, key product features and images, a brief description of the product and its additional parameters, and keywords to make search easier.

Product title

The title of the listing is one of its most essential elements. It is the first thing that attracts customers’ attention. Therefore, it is important that it encourages clicking and contains as much information relevant to the customer as possible. You don’t have much room for error here. Amazon allows a title of only 200 characters in length.

Product Images

A well-prepared listing should include appropriately taken and Amazon-compliant product photos. It is well known that customers pay attention to photographs. Therefore, it is recommended that the photos should present the product from various sides in a way allowing for the assessment of its dimensions, condition or packaging. A picture showing the way of using the product will also be useful.

The photos should be of the highest quality. For many customers an attractive photo means an attractive product.

Product image parameters according to Amazon terms and conditions

Amazon’s terms and conditions also put a lot of importance on the appearance of the photo of the goods. This document precisely defines what features a photograph should have in order to be accepted by the service.

First of all, it has to be taken on a white background. Photos which show elements of an office or an apartment look unprofessional. The background must be perfectly white – any shades of gray are out of the question.

The photo must be taken in RGB color mode. This is the color model that is most natural for displays (monitor, projector, TV). Acceptable photo size is a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels. Photo must be submitted in one of three image file formats: JPEG, TIFF or GIF.

It is also worth noting that photographs of your product, must not include any company data. Amazon does not allow watermarks, logos, or other branding on photos.

obsługa konta amazon, skuteczna sprzedaż - zapraszamy do

Bullet points – key product features

If the customer has already decided to click on the link containing our offer – half of the success is behind us. Now we have to present our products correctly.

Another element that should be included in a well-prepared listing on the Amazon platform are the key product features (bullet points). These are additional information about your product located below the listing title. They should outline the most important characteristics and uses of your products, as well as the benefits they provide. You can assign up to 5 bullet points to a single product.

Preparation of product description

As important as presenting key features is the product description. First and foremost, it should encourage the customer to buy your product. When presenting your product on Amazon, you need to make sure that your product description best showcases the benefits of buying just that item. Your description must make the customer want to have your product and not be interested in what other sellers have to offer.

Preparing the description is the activity you should spend most time on. Amazon does not set high requirements for the description. It should provide as much information about the product as possible. Above all, it must be concise, clear and understandable for the customer. Remember about correct language and spelling.

In what language should I prepare the description?

You have to remember that the description of all your products should be prepared in the language of a given marketplace. For example, if you are targeting the German market – your product descriptions should be prepared in German. On the other hand, if you want to encourage the customers from Great Britain to use your offer, your product descriptions should be in English.

Additional product parameters

Additional product parameters, such as instructions for use, technical details or similar search terms, depend on the type of product being sold. However, it is advisable to provide such information for each of them:

Use all the fields that a given category has in its template. The more information you provide about the product, the higher the chance that the customer’s decision to use your offer will be positive.

Skuteczna sprzedaż na Amazon - co wybrać fba czy fbm - upreseller


Unlike the elements listed above that a properly prepared listing on Amazon should contain, keywords are not a separate category. This means that you should use keywords while preparing each element of the listing. However, the most important is the proper selection of keywords in the title and product description.

Using keywords in the title guarantees you that your product will appear in search results on Amazon. You need to empathize with your customers and think about what words they would use when they want to search for your product. These will be the keywords you should include in your title.

The right choice of keywords in the product description, in turn, ensures that your product will appear in search results outside of the Amazon portal. It is a good idea to use key phrases at the beginning and end of the description.

Sounds complicated?

Writing a product card is not a problem. The challenge, however, is to prepare a good, eye-catching and above all compliant with Amazon listing rules.

You need to remember to properly optimize all the elements of the listing in such a way that the product searched for by the customer on Amazon will lead him directly to your offer. There are no universal ways to do this. A good listing is one that answers every customer question and leads to a sale.

rejestracja marki i sprzedaż na Amazon

Can’t make it? We can help!

If you don’t feel up to creating a listing from scratch, or you simply feel that your offer doesn’t look the way you want it to – use the help of professionals.

Our employees specialize in creating professional listings. We know perfectly well how the title should be constructed in order to attract the customer’s attention, how to prepare a professional-looking picture or what keywords will be the most appropriate. All this in full compliance with the regulations of the Amazon platform.

So if you have never prepared this type of description of a sale item, you should use the help of professionals. This way, you will avoid negative consequences on the part of the Amazon platform due to a non-statutory photo or other elements of the product description. Moreover, you will increase the interest in your products and, consequently, your profits from sales will increase.

So don’t wait! Use our services today and enjoy success on the Amazon platform.

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