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An extremely important element of any sales process, including the one conducted through the Amazon platform, is warehouse management. Ongoing inventory control and delivery organization will keep sales flowing and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Many novice sellers face considerable problems in this aspect. Selling a wide variety of products makes it difficult to keep track of inventory. Depending on your sales model, warehouse management will require more or less attention from you. In any case, however, the logistics aspect of e-commerce will keep you up at night.

Magazyn na Amazon - jaką opcje wybrać FBA czy FBM?

Are you terrified of managing Amazon shipments? We have a solution for that!

If you decide to use our services, you will receive a package which includes comprehensive sales support. In addition to listing preparation, professional photography and proper positioning of your products, you also receive services related to the ongoing supervision of inventory. We are able to take care of your products stored throughout Europe.

What model do I need to be selling under in order to use your services?

It makes absolutely no difference. We sell in both the Amazon FBA model and the Amazon FBM model. All you have to do is choose the model that is right for you. In this, of course, you can also count on our help. The knowledge and experience of our experts will allow you to choose the most profitable mode of selling on Amazon.

Skuteczna sprzedaż na Amazon z

What does inventory management look like for each sales model?

As we already mentioned, you have two options to choose from to sell on the Amazon platform:

What are the differences between these two types and how does warehouse management work in each?

Amazon FBA

The Amazon fulfillment model is based on the fact that the seller entrusts most of the tasks related to conducting sales on the platform to Amazon. In addition to comprehensive customer service, the service also stores and ships the goods.

Does this mean that all you have to do is choose this sales model so that you never have to worry about the logistics issue again?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. In this model, while Amazon stores your goods and then packs and ships them to your customers (if you have chosen to do so – you can also choose to do this yourself), it is your responsibility to control and replenish your inventory on an ongoing basis. You will therefore need to make a delivery plan and keep a constant check on the stock of your products. You don’t want the customer to have to wait for the ordered goods that are out of stock.

Amazon FBA warehouses in Europe

It is worth noting that your goods will be placed in different European countries. This is in order to ship your products to foreign customers as quickly as possible. After all, it’s hard to expect a buyer from France to politely wait for their shipment to be sent from Amazon’s warehouse in Poland. Therefore, Amazon FBA warehouses are located in almost every European country. These are, for example:

This is not a complete list, of course. Amazon FBA warehouses are located throughout Europe and are numbered in the hundreds. Your task, in which of course you can count on our help, is to indicate the markets where you want to sell your goods and authorize the platform to store and move your inventory.

Amazon FBA warehouses in Poland

Amazon FBA warehouses are also located in Poland. These include:

You can count on us!

While managing your warehouse with the Amazon FBA model is certainly simpler than if you choose the FBM model, it still requires your attention and vigilance. And if you sell a large amount of products, getting the logistics under control can be very difficult, especially if you are a beginner and do not have much experience in this aspect.

We come with help! If you decide to use our services, we can help you with comprehensive inventory management. We monitor the number of products in your Amazon warehouse on an ongoing basis and construct a shipping plan. We will then prepare your products and submit them to Amazon.

As we mentioned earlier, your products will be located in Amazon warehouses spread across Europe. The number of countries in which your goods will be stored will depend on how many markets you wish to enter. Storing your goods in different European countries may involve additional VAT reporting obligations. In this you can of course count on our experts!

Amazon FBM

The second selling model you can opt for is Fulfillment by Merchant, or Amazon FBM. This mode is characterized by the fact that, as a seller, you are fully responsible for fulfilling orders. Everything is on your shoulders, from the preparation of the listings, to the proper positioning of the product, to the entire customer service process, including the shipment of goods and comprehensive warehouse management.

With the Amazon FBM model, you will no longer have Amazon warehouses at your disposal. You will have to take care of all aspects of e-commerce logistics yourself – from providing warehouse space to inventory control and shipping of goods.

We’ll take care of everything!

If you have decided to conduct sales in the FBM model, you can also count on us. If you decide to use our services, you will be assisted by our experts in the entire logistics process. We will take care of the appropriate warehouse space, we will constantly monitor the level of inventory and provide full support for the shipment of your goods to customers throughout Europe. With our help the whole process of warehouse management will become easier, and you will be sure that no customer will have to wait too long for the ordered product.

Selling with Amazon Vendor Central

In addition to the aforementioned sales models, there is another, one might say “elite”, way to sell your products. We are talking about Amazon Vendor.

Participating in the Amazon Vendor Central program involves selling your products directly to Amazon. So in practice, by being a Vendor you become an Amazon supplier. What does this look like? Amazon gives you a list of products that they want to purchase. It is then up to you to transfer those products to the platform. Of course, you get paid for this. At this point, your participation in the sales process ends. Amazon takes care of everything else: listing your products for sale, preparing the purchased products for shipping, etc.

Why “elite”?

You’re probably asking yourself right now why we called Amazon Vendor membership “elite”. Well, this is not a program for everyone. To become a member of Vendor Central you need to receive a special invitation from the Amazon platform. This is usually available to sellers who have unique products, new products, or products with low availability on Amazon.

I am a vendor. May I use your services?

Of course! Although in this case it is Amazon’s side to do most of the logistics process, you still have to take care of a few things.

Our professionals will pick up and process your orders for you. We will also keep an eye on your shipping information. This way, we can make sure that your package has arrived safely at Amazon.

Vendor Central, the hub that allows sellers to interact with the Amazon platform, also offers several other useful options. It’s worth noting that just like other tools offered by the platform, Vendor Central is not always intuitive and understandable for beginners. With the help of our experts’ knowledge and experience, you’ll be able to use it to its full potential.

Warehouse management seems to be difficult for you? Join us!

You already know what inventory management looks like in each sales model and what help you can get. If you’re new to sales, or already have experience, but you offer a lot of different products and ongoing inventory management is a challenge – we invite you to take a look at our services!

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