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ASIN Amazon – Product identifier for Amazon catalog

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ASIN Amazon – Product identifier for Amazon catalog

Amazon is a platform that is currently worth getting interested in. If you are going to use its benefits, you will encounter many mysterious-sounding acronyms after interacting with Amazon for a short time. One of them is ASIN, whose purpose is to organize product identification information. It can be said that ASIN is an ordinal number that illuminates issues regarding the optimization of sales listings on the Amazon platform.

ASIN assigned to the product

It turns out that the code is a very important and helpful string for identification and advertising purposes. Without it, no product can be sold on Amazon. What exactly is an ASIN code and why, without exception, must every product sold have one? I explain these questions in the article below.

Amazon Product Identifier

An ASIN is required in the context of selling each individual product on Amazon. Interestingly, the codes are separated by country, so a different ASIN will identify the same product sold in France and a different one distributed to the US market. Sometimes two types of ASINs are used: a primary and a secondary ASIN. This is useful in the context of creating different product subtypes, such as types or variations on an item. All products available for sale on Amazon already have an ASIN assigned to them, so they are very easy to find.

What is the mysterious ASIN number on Amazon?

Amazon is a company focused on working extensively with international customers. This means, more or less, that Amazon has an impact on the global market, providing access to its products virtually anywhere in the world. As a result, the company had to develop several effective techniques for managing its inventory and logistics in general. Such a large-scale undertaking, focused on global success, was possible thanks to the development of a product identification system known as ASIN. This is actually an acronym for Amazon Standard Identification Number. - specjaliści od sprzedaży na Amazon

For what purposes is Amazon’s ASIN code used?

ASIN is used for, among other things:

Amazon Standard Identification Number – what does it look like? ASINs and products on the site

The ASIN number on Amazon is a 10-digit product identifier code. It is a kind of unwritten standard, used to mark individual goods distributed on the e-commerce platform. It can be pointed out that it is a mandatory code required by Amazon – no product can be sold without having the appropriate tag. The naming of the ASIN code itself may be somewhat questionable.

Original product page number

It turns out that, contrary to its name, it is not a standardized norm, but just a simple code – which, however, Amazon clings to when handing out IDs to products. A product’s ASIN is fully unique, and because of its presence, Amazon’s internal employees are able to recognize a new product with a given ASIN. This type of tag is used in Amazon outlets around the world.

Are you selling a product? Where to find a product ASIN and how to create a new one?

Amazon assigns ASIN codes to new merchandise that is not yet in the product database. The unique codes allow sellers to effectively present their products with a universal and specific ASIN number. The code is visible directly on the product page, and can be additionally provided with a barcode, which is useful especially for logistics center employees. In order to obtain a new entry in the Amazon catalog, you, as a seller, need to acquire an ASIN number. There is an easy way to obtain it: you can get it yourself by registering the product.

Skuteczna sprzedaż na Amazon z

GTIN number – what is it and why is it so necessary?

Beforehand, however, you must obtain a GTIN (sometimes referred to as EAN – European Article Number), or Global Trade Item Number. It can be coupled with an ISBN code, for example, which is assigned to books. If we do not know what GTIN a given product has, we should contact the producer in order to find out. If we ourselves are the producers of the item, we need to register it in the GS1 US system. Once this is completed, we receive a GTIN, which is the same as applying for an ASIN.

Actions at the Amazon seller’s headquarters – one way to obtain an ASIN

To get this code, you need to go to Amazon Seller Central, and then select the option for adding new products (click and add new product). Once you are redirected to the product page, you will be given several fields to fill in: including one dedicated to the GTIN number, which will allow you to get the ASIN code on Amazon.

Potential ASIN issues – different ASIN code on the same product page

ASIN Amazon is cleaning up its product-specific database. However, it appears that there are still complications when it comes to assigning ASINs to individual items. It can happen that the same product has two different ASINs – which theoretically should not be the case. In this case, a thorough investigation of the originality and compatibility of the product in question must be carried out.

Amazon w Polsce i na całym świecie - zacznij sprzedaż już dziś z

Regulatory rules that prevent the duplication of products with the same ASIN

It is illegal to generate a new ASIN when you are selling similar products (i.e. the exact same product) – if in doubt, contact Amazon (Amazon Inc. or its affiliates) for clarification. In some cases, creating duplicate products with separate ASINs may result in your account being temporarily or permanently blocked. Unfortunately, it is also possible that your account may be terminated if violations of the product pages continue.

Cases in which the ASIN may be different for the same product

ASINs can be different when similar products differ in, for example, color scheme or software type. An example would be a smartphone that comes in two colors: black and white. The two product pages will have a different type of ASIN.

Amazon ASIN – how to increase your chances of getting ASIN codes

First of all, make sure that your ISBN, EAN or GTIN information is fully correct. Products with invalid code numbers are not allowed and may be blocked from sale. If we know that a certain code sequence is assigned to a specific product, we can apply for an ASIN number. If you have missing product data, please seek assistance from the manufacturer of the product in question.

Optimizing your Amazon sales pitch – three tips

If you want to better optimize your Amazon sales listing and increase your chances of convincing your audience to buy, using the following tips is a good option:

How to find an ASIN code

The ASIN is placed in many different elements of Amazon pages. The primary location is, of course, the product card of the page, which encourages the customer to make a purchase. ASIN is also available in the URL that leads to a specific product posted on Amazon.

ASIN code in e-commerce sales and advertising activities

ASIN is also useful in the context of affiliate advertising. Generating banners that lead to product pages must include a properly assigned ASIN in their link – only then does the promotional action make any sense. If you don’t understand what an ASIN is in affiliate advertising, even the most persuasive ad will be ineffective – because it won’t lead to a specific product from a specific vendor. For this reason, all kinds of affiliate marketing plugins require that you enter the correct ASIN code first.

skuteczna sprzedaż i rejestracji marki na Amazon z

ASIN-based identification activities

Thus, it comes in handy for various identification activities that are aimed at increasing the sales volume on the e-commerce platform. The code is also useful if you want to buy affiliate links. It turns out that ASIN is not just a cluster of numbers and letters that make up a 10-digit string. The ASIN number is an extremely important aspect of making successful sales on Amazon. Before you can get one, it’s important to provide a GTIN number.

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