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Auditing an Amazon account

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Auditing an Amazon account

Trading via the Amazon platform is a great opportunity to reach new markets. Unlike our native platforms, which mostly operate only on the domestic market, Amazon allows you to reach customers not only from Poland, but also from countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, or other European countries. This is an incredible opportunity to grow and increase your income. This is why sellers are increasingly choosing to sell on Amazon.

So I’m off to find new markets!

Delighted with the vision of acquiring foreign customers and the prospect of huge profits, you create an account on the platform. However, it may soon turn out that your products are far down the search list and you are not getting any new customers. Moreover, a few shortcomings on your part have led to a number of negative reviews, which may result in your account being banned. Is there anything you can do as a merchant to prevent this?

This is where we come to the rescue! If you are already a seller on Amazon, we offer a professional Amazon account audit. What is this and how do we conduct it?

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What is an amazon account audit?

In order for your sales to be profitable, it is not only important what type of product you sell, but also the proper management of your account, the construction of the auctions and taking care of the correct contact with the customer.

An Amazon account audit is simply an analysis of how you manage your account, what mistakes you are making and how you can improve them. You can count on professional help from specialists with experience. By following the advice and tips received after the audit, you will achieve a high position of your store, and above all, you will be ahead of the competition, thus maximizing your profits.

How does an account audit on Amazon work?

Auditing your account on Amazon comes down to a few basic steps. The first is to analyze your store’s performance and statistics. Next, our specialists will perform:

At the end, you will receive a report from us with practical tips and recommendations.

Statistics analysis

The Amazon platform offers sellers a powerful statistical tool. You will find all sorts of information and data that will allow you, among other things, to assess the performance of your store, the quality of transactions, or to properly manage your warehouse and supply chain.

Unfortunately, using this tool is not the easiest thing to do. The data contained therein are so numerous that inexperienced sellers easily get lost in them.

This is where the knowledge and experience of our Amazon account auditing experts comes in! The audits we have conducted so far have made sure that our professionals know exactly which data and statistics are important and which should be omitted. Using an Amazon account audit service will ensure that your analysis is done correctly, making it useful in improving your store’s performance and thus maximizing your sales profits.

Are you maintaining your account in accordance with Amazon’s terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions of the platform cause difficulties for many sellers. It is a foreign language document which is constantly being updated. It is hard to keep up with these changes. Unfortunately this can be disastrous.

Our specialists keep track of all updates. Many years of experience tells us what to pay attention to and what is important for your auctions. In the procedure of Amazon account audit we will check if all the elements of your account comply with the current regulations. You will be shown the sources of possible risks. This will give you a chance to eliminate them and protect you from having your Amazon account blocked.

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Should you modify your store’s inventory?

Another important element that will be audited by an Amazon account audit is what products you have in your listings. Analyzing your store’s assortment is an extremely important part of the audit. This is because it is often the case that in order to improve sales levels, it is necessary to modify your offerings. It may turn out that some products are not very popular. Then it is worth extending the assortment with new products or even withdraw unwanted goods. In the future it will surely bring a measurable effect, in the form of increased sales. Or maybe we only need an appropriate advertising? The audit will provide answers to all these questions.

How to talk to the customer?

It would seem that how to communicate between a customer and a vendor is a fairly obvious issue that doesn’t need to be explained. However, Amazon is a highly customer-oriented portal. The whole process of contact is closely monitored by the platform, and any shortcomings on the part of sellers result in very serious consequences. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the best possible relations with customers from the very beginning.

But what if a customer has already given you a negative review and you don’t really know what you did wrong? An Amazon account audit comes to the rescue!

Our professionals will thoroughly review the deficiencies in the transaction for which the bad rating was given. On the other hand, if there have been any disputes with the Amazon platform itself, the audit will allow you to assess how they were resolved. You will receive detailed information about what mistakes you made and what you should do to improve your buyer experience. Our professionals stay in touch with Amazon support, so you can count on receiving expert and up-to-date guidance on how to resolve buyer disputes.

How are your listings doing?

Last, but not least, the audit is to check the listing of the auction. What is listing? It is basically nothing more than the appearance of your auctions.

So do my product listings have to look a certain way? Yes!

How your listings look is no small matter. Most sellers, especially those who previously conducted their business only on native selling platforms, are used to the fact that the appearance of the offer depends solely on their taste.

On the Amazon platform, the appearance of an auction is already regulated in the terms and conditions. For example, a perfectly white background is required for the photo. Auction descriptions, on the other hand, must not contain marketing information.

Using the account audit service you will get a complex analysis of the auctions of each product. We will check if the design of your auctions complies with the regulations of the website, and most of all – if they are clear for the client and contain all the necessary information. In this way you will improve the design of your auctions with already offered products, as well as you will receive a ready-made template, which will be useful for your future sales.

Amazon account audit – is it for me?

You’re probably asking yourself right now – is an account audit service for me? To answer it for yourself, ask yourself a few guiding questions to start with:

If you answered “no” to at least one of the above questions – you have come to the right address and you should opt for professional help.

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My store is running pretty well – do I need an audit?

However, if at first glance everything is fine with your account, you should also consider using the service.

A timely audit will help you detect any deficiencies. All data related to your sales and other aspects of your account will allow you to identify potential future threats and eliminate them at an early stage. Your sales, and consequently your business success, depends on it.

Amazon account audit – a service for everyone

So, if you are a seller who is not sure how your account is doing, or worse, the sales are not going your way – you have definitely come to the right address. Audit service will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the condition of your store. We will point out what mistakes you are making and what you can do to fix the situation. Thanks to following our advice and tips your sales will skyrocket and you’ll be able to enjoy high income on international markets.

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