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For Amazon customers

Many Polish entrepreneurs are wary of selling on Amazon. International marketplaces are as much tempting as they are scary, as uncharted waters of e-commerce. With the right sales account on Amazon, you can reach the farthest corners of the online selling world. Trading internationally on your own is a challenge that can overwhelm. The Amazon platform is all about customer satisfaction and this is influenced by a number of factors ranging from efficient and transparent communication to timely delivery.

obsługa konta amazon, skuteczna sprzedaż - zapraszamy do

When is it a good idea to use a comprehensive sales service for clients?

 Amazon customers often have their own resellers who handle all customer service and sales. However, not every manufacturer has the need to be visible on the sales platform and create a separate brand. Sometimes it is more profitable for an entrepreneur to be listed directly as a seller. This is the case when an immediate effect is expected, the manufacturer has seasonal items in stock, or his products are overstocked and he needs to sell them out.

8 pillars of cooperation

We offer comprehensive sales service for Amazon platform customers. Cooperation with us is based on 8 main pillars of activity.

  1. market analysis and check sales potential. Selection of target markets

The first step involves market analysis. We analyze various areas including:

Based on our analysis, we determine the market potential. With a thorough report and taking into account factors such as the sales target, the type of merchandise and the time period in which it will be available, we forecast profits (short and long term). We then select the target markets with the greatest sales potential.

  1. Amazon’s cost estimate, establishing margins and partnership rules

After analysis, we create an Amazon cost estimate. Price includes:

We then set the margin and terms of the partnership.

  1. content creation

Internet sales is based on properly created content. We prepare professional content for products, graphics, including product photos, as well as source codes (listings). The key to visibility of an offer is its positioning. We cooperate with professionals in the field of web and advertising content creation.

  1. shipping of goods to Amazon warehouse by our courier (FBA)

FBA is an implementation by Amazon. It provides top quality logistics services at home and abroad. With FBA service, there is a possibility of free shipments, which translates into higher profits. FBA service works round the clock and in the local language where the sale is taking place.

  1. advertising campaigns, marketing

Good sales are inevitably linked with a properly conducted advertising campaign, as well as its duration. We deal with the planning and implementation of campaigns. We choose the most effective methods and media, develop effective ways of marketing activities, contributing to significant increases in sales of products on the market.

  1. sales reports

We create sales reports on an ongoing basis, which are the starting point for further action. Effective sales reports allow to monitor and improve sales processes. A well-developed report covers sales profits, reasons for lost sales opportunities, and catches so-called “sales funnels”. Sales report reflects market activities, sales dynamics and specifies target customers.

7 Issuance of an invoice

After all the activities related to sales and cooperation, the customer gives us an invoice. The money is on the account within 7 days after issuing the bill.

Skuteczna sprzedaż na Amazon - co wybrać fba czy fbm - upreseller

Saves time, increases profits

Handling sales accounts on Amazon does not have to involve tedious work and coordinating all the processes yourself. Relying on specialists gives you certain profits, saves time, and time is money. Money well invested multiplies. Trust the professionals and rely on us!

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    With our help, you can sell your products on Amazon in markets in countries such as Italy, Spain, England, France and Germany. Additionally, we have experience in selling on Amazon in the US . One product on Amazon can therefore reach many customers. Profit more on other platforms as well, thanks to good sales on Amazon.

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