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Sprzedaż na Amazon FBa ze ekspertami z upreseller

Producing or distributing products, the main goal of each company is to increase sales. It is important that this is done with full control over the costs incurred and maintaining a commensurate cash flow. The main place that allows you to achieve these goals is Amazon.

Amazon is a platform with 310 million users who are waiting for a properly presented product. When using a company that handles sales accounts on this platform, the task of the producer or distributor is to own the product and the rest is taken care of by listing specialists. They focus their attention on ensuring that a given product is selected from hundreds of thousands of similar products by a potential customer.

Offer for distributors

If you are running a retail consortium, it is worthwhile for you to consider choosing the right company to do all the sales processing for you. Companies that specialize in sales account services, provide a comprehensive service that involves full outsourcing of your account on the Amazon platform, for the European and US marketplace. This service includes a lot of capabilities that will introduce you to the world of selling on Amazon. Starting out isn’t always easy, so it’s important to have a loyal companion by your side in your first tentative steps. The offer for distributors should also become of interest to companies that already have products made available on Amazon account. In this case, the task of the team of specialists is to get the buy box, that is, to win over the competition. The offer for distributors also includes a number of packages that focus on building a sales system, using the appropriate tools for this, including analysis of the competition and the industry in which your business is contained.

sprzedaż na Amazon z upreseller.comEach of the “amazon beginners” wonders about the cost, which is by far the most important aspect in trading companies. Remember that by working with us – you save! You avoid recruitment interviews with potential employees. You also do not have to spend money on training newly hired subordinates. Moreover, an important issue is the fact that the costs incurred by you depend on our effectiveness. So get your product ready, and we will sell it for sure!

What exactly does our offer include?

Our goal is to help you grow your business on Amazon. That is why we offer a range of consulting services. They will help you learn how to differentiate your product from the competition on the market and how to find the right suppliers and negotiate prices with them. In addition, consulting can be helpful in creating your own brand.

We are also in charge of the entire, extensive maintenance of your Amazon account. You need to remember that profitable selling on this platform requires you to be in constant contact with Amazon support, as all matters related to selling should be handled on an ongoing basis. The platform has strict regulations that apply to companies and individuals. If you choose us, we will provide you with a seamless Amazon account service.

Kompleksowa obsługa sprzedaży na Amazon i innych marketplace

Apart from handling your account, handling your customer account is also important. When you opt for the help of specialists, your customers will be served at the highest level – response to the query within 24 hours, in several languages. Moreover, the company will take care of resolving complaints and returns, as well as constant monitoring of orders.

Just past the systematic maintenance of the sales account and the customer account, an essential ingredient for successful selling on Amazon is proper auction creation, promotion and positioning of the product. It is the merchandise that is the essence of selling. Without meticulous listing creation, the functioning of any store proves to be completely worthless. For this reason, working on proper product promotion seeks to get as many people as possible to see your merchandise. A sales account company focuses on making sure that through proper listing creation and product promotion, it is your item that is sold the most times, which will help increase the turnover of your business.

Cyber security is very important when operating on online platforms. Ensuring secure sales is the goal of anyone with an Amazon account. In addition to neutralizing threats, it is important to maintain the continuity of payments and control the comments and reviews given by users. Choosing the right professionals will ensure your security in each of these aspects.

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    With our help, you can sell your products on Amazon in markets in countries such as Italy, Spain, England, France and Germany. Additionally, we have experience in selling on Amazon in the US . One product on Amazon can therefore reach many customers. Profit more on other platforms as well, thanks to good sales on Amazon.

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