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What is amazon consulting all about?

E-commerce is becoming extremely popular. Nowadays, many people prefer to do their shopping from home, because online you can find practically everything and in one place. Therefore, many entrepreneurs, following the trend and meeting the needs of customers, have decided to move their services online. On the amazon platform, sellers have a lot of opportunities, but the competition is so big that it is hard to break through it. In this situation, amazon consulting comes in very handy. Whether you have been selling your products for a while or maybe you are just taking your first steps in online business!

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What is amazon consulting?

Amazon consulting is our assistance at every stage. Not only will we help you set up an account on amazon, but we will also provide you with support in product launch or customer service. Our job is to make sure that you are up to date with all the issues that interest you. Our consulting works on the basis of experience and knowledge. In addition to them we offer full commitment. Only thanks to these can we give you such consultations, which will be satisfactory to you, and more importantly will allow you to increase the visibility of your products and brand, as well as profit and expand your business.

The entire process of creating an account on amazon

Want to start selling on amazon but don’t know where to start? First of all, you need to create a seller account. Registration goes through the following steps:

As you can see, registering an amazon account is quite a complicated process, but nothing is impossible for us. Our amazon consulting will help you through it and if there are any complications, we are at your service. Remember that amazon is very strict about following the terms and conditions. Even the smallest mistake can result in account blocking.

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Want to start selling on amazon? We can help!

Amazon is the largest online selling platform in the world. That is why we offer consulting services to our customers. Thanks to us, you will gain knowledge which will help you gain an advantage over your competitors, gain the ability to negotiate properly, learn how to establish cooperation with e.g. suppliers or search for products which will be of interest to your customers. Consulting amazon also includes advertising, choosing advertising tools, advice on creating your own brand, and ways to make deliveries fast and smooth. Additionally, you will find answers to how to effectively prepare descriptions and photos of products to encourage customers to buy.

Why use amazon consulting?

The e-commerce industry is so vast that the first steps in selling online are simply difficult. Meanwhile, we focus on simple but solid solutions that will help you not only generate higher profits, but also reduce your own costs. We expertly know that running a business on amazon is not easy. Therefore, our consulting can be of great help to you. Creating a marketing and sales strategy for us is the daily bread.

Skuteczna sprzedaż na Amazon - co wybrać fba czy fbm - upreseller

We will help you prepare an effective advertisement!

Advertising on amazon is very important and needs to target a specific group of customers. We help in this aspect as well. Consulting will ensure that you choose the best advertisement according to the budget you dedicate to it. During the statistics analysis we will make sure that our actions have the intended effect. Our experience allows us to speed up the whole process and your brand will quickly become recognizable, just like your products. Furthermore, we also optimize descriptions with regard to keywords. In case your customers cannot find the desired product, they will not be able to buy it from you and thus will purchase it from your competitors.

Selling on amazon? Choose our consulting!

Selling on amazon is ideal for sellers who want to enter the market without setting up an online store and positioning it in the search engine. It is also definitely a plus that there are additional and very beneficial features available on amazon. We also include full customer support, which is a key element. Nevertheless, product launching or store positioning is also important. Deciding on amazon consulting, you will get a full support and advice from us in order to introduce changes. Moreover, consulting is about analyzing the competition and gaining an advantage over them!

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With our help, you can sell your products on Amazon in markets in countries such as Italy, Spain, England, France and Germany. Additionally, we have experience in selling on Amazon in the US . One product on Amazon can therefore reach many customers. Profit more on other platforms as well, thanks to good sales on Amazon.

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