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Positioning on Amazon

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Successful sales on Amazon
Positioning on Amazon

Selling through the Amazon platform provides you with tremendous opportunities. By opening your e-commerce business to European markets, you will be able to provide access to your products not only to domestic customers, but also to Amazon users from different corners of our continent.

However, selling on Amazon has its own rules. Selecting a product and listing it is only the first step to a successful sale. Beyond that, you must also meet a number of requirements set by Amazon. These relate to various aspects of selling, from the appearance of the listing to the order fulfillment process itself and after-sales customer service.

I have taken care of all the requirements. Why aren’t my sales increasing?

Let’s assume that you’ve already chosen the products you’re going to sell and you’ve taken care of all the requirements for the auction layout. In addition, the order processing is perfect and the customer feedback is good. In spite of this, you have sold only a few products and the customers, although satisfied, are few.

What else can I do? Is there any way I can help increase my sales on Amazon?

Yes! One of the most effective ways to improve your sales performance is to make sure your products are positioned properly. What is Amazon positioning? What elements of the auction should be taken care of to increase sales? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the material below.

sprzedaż na amazon dzięki pozycjonowaniu

What is Amazon SEO?

Have you ever wondered why the same products offered by different retailers have different positions in search results? Or what determines which vendor will be displayed to us first when we want to find, for example, an online bookstore in Google search? Positioning is responsible for all of this.

Positioning on Amazon, or Amazon SEO, is a series of actions aimed at placing your products as high as possible in Amazon’s ranking. Simply put, the idea is that when a product name is typed into the Amazon search engine, your product will be as high as possible in the search results.

The position of your products in the search ranking is one of the important elements that affect the level of sales. If your offer is high in the search ranking it is highly likely that your products will be chosen by the customer.

Pozycjonowanie na Amazon

How Amazon ranking works – A9 algorithm

In order to effectively ensure proper product positioning on the Amazon platform, it is essential to understand how product ranking works. The A9 algorithm, otherwise known as Amazon’s ranking algorithm, is responsible for determining it.

Which factors affect product ranking?

When deciding where in the search results a product will be placed, the algorithm primarily does two things:

Keyword analysis

The position of a product in the search results on the Amazon platform depends on the keywords used. This is because the Amazon search engine first filters the results that most closely match the phrase typed in by the potential customer. In order to rank as high as possible, it is most important that the keywords included in your product listing match as closely as possible what the customer can type into the search engine.

Product performance evaluation

The next step is to evaluate the performance of the products. After filtering based on the keywords used by the customer, the selected query is then sorted in such a way that the products most likely to be purchased by the potential customer are displayed first. The algorithm takes into account two indicators: CTR and CR. The general rule is simple – the higher the level of a given indicator, the higher the product is in the Amazon search ranking.


Let’s start with the first of these. The CTR, or click-through rate, indicates how many customers clicked on the link leading to your product. Therefore, it is nothing but the number of impressions of a particular offer.


On the other hand, the CR, or conversion rate, tells you how many people added a particular product to their cart.

It is worth noting that it does not matter here whether the customer ultimately bought the product. Sales itself is a separate indicator, which also affects the position of products in the ranking.

sprzedaż na Amazon dzięki reklamie ppc i pozycjonowaniu

How can I improve my products’ position in search results?

You already know what affects the position of an item in the product ranking. So, it is time to present how effective SEO should look like. For Amazon SEO to bring the intended results, product cards should be prepared in the right way. So what should be done so that the way the customer goes from searching for a product to making a transaction leads him/her straight to our product? Here are some useful tips.

sprzedaż na Amazon z

First, a competitive analysis

Although it may seem obvious, not everyone pays proper attention to this point. If the sales of your product are not at a satisfactory level, and you see that in the search results it ranks at a distant place, it is worth analyzing the offers of competitors in a given product category. What do they contain? What keywords do they use? What isn’t in your product listing that your competitors have? This information is crucial to the Amazon SEO process. Without them, you won’t be able to complete the other steps.

Product title optimization

If you have already analyzed what your competitors have in their listings, you can move on to the rest of your Amazon SEO efforts. The first step should be optimizing your product title.

The product title is the most important element on a product page. It is what a potential buyer looks at first when deciding which link from the search results to open.

So it is worth starting by looking at the product title through the eyes of the customer. The key to success in this case is properly chosen keywords. Think about what keywords you would use if you were searching for this product. What would the title have to contain to entice you to click on the product? If you can answer these questions, you can easily determine the most appropriate title for your product.

Optimize product description

The product description is no less important. It should be brief and at the same time contain the most important information concerning the product description.

When constructing the product description you should also pay attention to using the right keywords. The keyword analysis performed by the Amazon algorithm covers not only the title, but also the product description, as well as other elements on the product page, such as key product features or extended content for premium users. Their adequate use is the most crucial part of the entire Amazon SEO process. The use of a given keyword can sometimes determine whether your product will appear in search engines at all. A keyword planner can be useful in this regard. For example, you can use a tool offered by Google for this purpose.

Graphics optimization

fotografia produktowa dla ecommerce i marketplace, Amazon

Equally important as the keywords in the Amazon SEO process are the product images. Apart from the fact that they must comply with the requirements set by the Amazon selling platform, they also have a considerable impact on the product positioning. This is because the main graphic appears as a thumbnail in search results. If it presents the product in an attractive and eye-catching way, there is a greater chance that the customer will click on the link leading to our products.

Apart from the main graphic, it is also important to properly optimize the images on the product page. They should be visually appealing and also expose the key features of the product and its utility values. A properly exposed product has a better chance of selling than one that has few or unattractive photos on its product page.

Remember about advertising!

Skuteczna sprzedaż na Amazon - co wybrać fba czy fbm - upresellerFinally, one more important part of the Amazon SEO process is advertising. Just adding a product and taking care of images and keywords is not enough. Content is king, so to increase sales on Amazon you should promote products in an interesting and intriguing way. Polish businesses which decide to start selling on Amazon gain a great opportunity to promote their products which reaches not only the Polish market but all European countries. The condition is that your marketing content should stand out from the others, well highlight the most important features of the product, and above all – encourage purchase.

Too much? We can help!

While it might seem uncomplicated, taking care of proper product positioning is not an easy task. Amazon’s selling platform is not the easiest to use. Just meeting all the requirements set by Amazon can be a headache for inexperienced users.

So if you dream of increasing your sales, but don’t quite understand the rules of ranking and algorithm on Amazon – you’ve come to the right place. Our specialists will help you take care of proper preparation of your product page. We will choose the right keywords, and we will tell you how to photograph your products to maximize the probability that the customer will be interested in your product and will click on the link leading to the offer. In addition, our team keeps track of the product ranking and adjusts the individual elements of the offer on an ongoing basis to the constantly changing trend.

Are you a new user and the secrets of positioning on Amazon are a mystery to you? Or maybe you’ve been on the site for a while, but your products aren’t selling as well as you’d like? Or perhaps you just don’t have the time to keep track of the rankings? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” – don’t wait! Take the opportunity to use the service that we offer today.


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