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Product photography

How will product photography on Amazon help you?

Product photos are meant to best illustrate the appearance and unique features of a product. They are also one of the basic points of contact between the user and your offer. Especially since they appear not only on the chosen marketplace platform, but also in search engines, paid ads in Social Media or Google, among others.

fotografia produktowa dla ecommerce i marketplace, Amazon

Product images in search results and marketplaces

Without a doubt, it can be said that the most important photo is the main photo. It is the one that the user sees first. Based on it, the user judges whether he/she wants to go to the product card and learn more.

In addition to having the highest image quality, the main image must meet a number of other guidelines. However, it’s worth first understanding why product photography requirements and their fulfillment are so important.

Why are high quality product images and compliance with guidelines important?

Product image guidelines can be divided into those strictly related to search engine algorithms, apps and platforms, and those that are primarily relevant to the user.

However, it’s worth remembering the principle that, in general, technical (algorithm-related) requirements are driven by user needs and behavior. The goal of developers of search engines and other applications is to adapt to what the audience wants.

Therefore, by focusing on your users, you will certainly succeed in “pleasing” the algorithms at the same time – on Amazon or in search.

People buy with their eyes

The basic truth about selling online is that people buy with their eyes. This is due to two things. Firstly, the fact that users cannot physically touch and examine a product. As a result, during the evaluation they are mainly guided by comparing photos of the product being sold. The more attractive the product images, the more likely it will be to be purchased.

Kompleksowa obsługa sprzedaży na Amazon i innych marketplace

Biological conditions

The second reason is human biological conditioning. Naturally, the sense of sight is the main sense through which we perceive reality. Visual stimuli are also, of all stimuli, the fastest processed by the human brain.

The product and its features are more visible

Product photography requirements often refer to elements such as:

Both the white background and all other guidelines are intended to expose the product as much as possible. Pure whiteness around the product makes all the details more visible.

Professional product photography is friendly to search engines and online platforms

Interestingly, the white background serves not only an aesthetic function, but also a practical one. On it you can’t hide any flaws – unlike the photo in the arrangement. This is why search engines and marketplaces are making this a requirement.

Sprzedaż na Amazon FBa ze ekspertami z upreseller

What are the guidelines for excellent product photography?

Now that you know a bit about why you should invest in a professional lead photo for your product listing – it’s time to learn the most important requirements for creating one. They are divided into two basic types. Aesthetic criteria and technical criteria.

Aesthetic criteria for evaluating product photography

If you want to increase sales with product photography, it needs to be done the right way. We have already discussed much of the aesthetic criteria a bit above. We can only add that additional images on the product page should also be made according to the discussed guidelines.

It is also important to be able to show the scale of the product or its comprehensive dimensions. This way, you remain confident that the user is buying what they actually want to receive.

Originality is the key to success

Also keep in mind that original product photos sell best. If you want to provide more value to your audience and stand out from the competition – you should have different graphics than companies in your industry.

It is also worth placing additional photos in the gallery, from different angles, maybe even combined with related products of a given category. All of this will help at a basic level to make you stand out in the marketplace.

Technical requirements for photos

When it comes to technical product photography, there are not so many guidelines. Basically, you only need the correct file extension and file format. In addition to this, size and scale are also important. Product images should load as fast as possible.


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