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Unlock your amazon account

Amazon is a platform that is quite popular among sellers from all over the world. Mainly because of the security of transactions. This is because amazon employees make every effort to ensure that everything goes well and both parties are satisfied. Sometimes it may happen that there is a blocking of amazon account. However, there is no need to panic and you need to take action. It is quite possible that unlocking your amazon account will happen soon!

Why has my amazon account been locked?

There are several reasons that will be the cause of your amazon account being blocked. Here are the most common ones:

  1. The user had two accounts. According to amazon policy, you cannot have more than one account. This condition is clearly stated in the terms and conditions that everyone has agreed to read. If both amazon accounts were created by the same person, then unfortunately the chances of one of them being unlocked are slim to none. In the event that a block has been wrongly imposed, e.g. due to incorrect verification, it will be necessary to clarify and prove that the other account does not belong to the user in question.
  2. Inadequate verification. Your amazon account may also be blocked if you have not attached all the necessary documents to confirm your identity or some of your verification data is incorrect. As a rule, amazon sends a warning message stating the possible reason for the account being blocked.
  3. The payment details do not match the data registered with the card issuer. Card registration is required to conduct transactions. If the information provided does not match, you will most likely have your amazon account blocked. This situation may also occur if the bank prevents the card from being charged for a payment due because of the safety of the cardholder.
  4. There is copyright infringement or lack of permission and rights to sell products. If a seller displays products that are false, substitutes, or copyright or trademark infringement will occur, their account will be banned. Not only is such action against the rules, it is also not fair to others.
  5. Negative opinions and incompatibility of products with the description. Each product should be described truthfully, without unnecessary exaggeration. However, the opinion of customers and their satisfaction with the transaction is also important. According to the regulations in the seller’s account, the ODR rate, i.e. defective orders cannot exceed 1%.
    If it is higher, amazon will initially send a warning message. After receiving it, the seller will have 72 hours to prepare an action plan, in which they must indicate the reason for exceeding the set amount.
  6. shipping delays. In case the seller delays in confirming orders or shipping then also the amazon account can be blocked. This information is verified by the LDR – Late Dispatch Rate.
  7. Order Cancellations. If a product has been ordered and the seller is unable to ship it for any reason, the seller can expect a block. The rate of cancelled orders cannot exceed 2.5%.
  8. buying reviews and referring customers to other sales sites. Customer reviews build a seller’s position, but they must be truthful, not bought. Referring them to other sites is considered to be inducing them not to buy from the platform. Blocking of amazon account can happen immediately and without any warning.
  9. No response to customer messages. The VOC rate, which refers to the comments on a product, will definitely not be satisfactory if there are unread messages and questions from customers on the amazon account.
  10. Sale of prohibited products. Please see the rules and regulations for a detailed list.

The account has been blocked – what happens next?

jak odblokować konto na Amazon? - skorzystaj z naszej pomocy

When an account has been blocked, the seller will not be able to use it. First of all he will not be able to continue selling, but also his funds will be blocked and he will lose the Buy Box. In addition, your competitive position and sales levels will weaken significantly and you will not have the opportunity to create listings. The whole situation may cause a lot of stress. It is not known when the seller’s account will be unblocked and if it will happen at all. Wszystko zależy od tego, w jakiej mierze doszło do naruszenia regulaminu, czy było to celowe działanie oraz w jakim stopniu skomplikowana jest sprawa. Odblokowanie konta amazon może trwać nawet kilka miesięcy.

How to unlock my amazon account?

If your amazon account has been blocked, it will be audited first. This means that the account will be analyzed and those points where changes need to be made will be pointed out. A confidentiality agreement and secure remote connection is used for this purpose.

In the second step of unlocking the merchant account, the reasons why the account was locked in the first place are identified.

Then, a recovery plan will be prepared to help you get rid of the reasons for the account lockout.

The next step is to unlock your amazon account according to the platform’s terms and conditions.

The last two steps involve securing the account, that is, keeping it from being blocked again, and implementing corrective procedures. The latter will help bring the account back to the state it was in before the blockade.

pomoc w odblokowaniu konta na Amazon -

Is account unlocking always successful?

Despite our best efforts, not every account can be unlocked. Especially if the account holder deliberately violated the terms of use. Mostly you can’t unlock your amazon account when the seller:

Can you unlock the amazon account yourself?

obsługa konta amazon, skuteczna sprzedaż - zapraszamy do

You can try to unblock the banned amazon account yourself! If the seller wants to do so, they can issue a proper appeal. The problem is that you will be forced to personally verify the cause of the blockage and prepare a remediation plan that addresses the mistakes made and ways to correct them. Actions taken in the future are intended to prevent further offenses from occurring and help remove those that have already occurred.

Each vendor has only 3 attempts. With each subsequent one, the unblocking process becomes more and more distant. If the seller has never written an appeal before, the chances of him getting anything done are really slim in this situation. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, unlocking an amazon account can take up to several months. Therefore, it is much better to take the help of a professional who will try to settle the matter quickly and efficiently.

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